What can you find here?

About SIO
Here you can learn more about SIO – the Danish sex worker organisation our values and mission. Our primary objective is to gain worker rights for sex workers, migrant as well as Danish. We demand that every sex worker be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of nationality and gender. We demand for us sex workers to be heard in matters concerning us. We are against any criminalisation of sex work and this opposition was a main reason for establishing SIO. Read more

If you are trafficked
Regrettably, SIO does not have the resources to help trafficked women and men. If you are trafficked or in other ways here against your will please contact the Danish national police. Their main number is 114. If you are currently in a situation that needs immediate reaction from the police, dial 112. Read more

Sex work in Denmark
Here you will find information on the nature of sex work in Denmark. For instance, although you will find street workers in the major cities of Denmark no Danish city has an actual “red light district”. Sex work in Denmark is characterised by a high level of discretion. Read more

Sex work in Scandinavia
Here you can learn more about current political attitudes towards sex work in Scandinavia. The Northern European countries have not been as liberal as the Southern ones many of which have legalised sex work. Denmark is under influence from Norway and Sweden that have both moved to criminalisation. Read more

Trafficking in Denmark
Here you can learn more about the effort of the Danish authotities to combat trafficking and the extent of trafficking in Denmark – or rather, the current lack of accurate information on the subject. Read more